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For all matters relating to the swim club, contact Russ at:  russ.payne@gmail.com
Are you swimming this summer?
Join the Killer Whale and Crimson Aquatics summer swim classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at MVRCS. For more information email russ.payne@gmail.com.

To Register:

1.    Enter www.crimsonaquatics.com into your web browser.

2.    To the right of the center picture on the home screen is a button        labeled “Registration”, click on this.

3.    Select “Register Now” and then “I am a new user”.

4.    Fill in the information fields and you will be done in minutes. To make        the registration faster have your insurance company and phone number        ready.

5.    Select the program in which you wish to participate Crimson Training        or Summer Technique and follow the instructions. **NOTE you may        register multiple children under the same account. Use the ADD        MEMBER button to add all your swimmers into your account.

6.    Once payment is posted, you will receive an email to the address you        listed with login instructions for future visits to the website. 

7.    Make your checks payable to Crimson Aquatics or Mystic Valley        Swim Club and mail to Crimson Aquatics, 77 Benjamin Rd., Belmont,        MA 02478.

The 2014-2015 season will begin on Wednesday, October 3, 2014.

Help us grow the team by telling your friends about try outs the week of September 24, 2014.
Great job everyone!

Click here for results pdf.
  • Killer Whales placed 3rd over all
  • Boys 11 & 12 won their age group as well as 13 & 14 boys
  • 11 & 12 boys 200 free relay broke the record
  • Michael Leung broke the boys 13 & 14 100IM 
  • Ryan Kinnon took the 13 & 14 boys 50 breast record
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